Alex Joe
(College Professor):

What a well-rounded and informative book; I would recommend this to anyone who wants to know the real truth about the solar system and the universe around it. Here, I am not talking about the fabricated truth; instead, I am talking about the real truth – the truth that has either been molded or kept hidden from us over the centuries.
This book really does cover the lot, everything you could want to know about astronomy and outer space. It is well-thought-out with detailed chapters covering the different areas, ranging from the very small to the very large, a bit of history and some modern information facts. The book “The solar system as we know it does not exist” has unfolded everything about the earth and space in a much explanatory manner, making the complicated stuff as uncomplicated as possible.
I think this is really a book for everyone. If one doesn’t understand it all, that’s okay; you will have an idea and an understanding of the earth and outer space, at least from this book. I am not competent to say whether this guy is a genius or not, but I strongly suspect he is. I would never have trusted the uncanny truths described in this book if the author had not explained everything with the help of calculations, diagrams, and logic. I literally have no option other than to believe all of them. Hence, I must say, “The solar system as we know it does not exist” is an absolute delight of a book, written in a wonderful style, wit, and enthusiasm that’s irresistible.

Sarah Bill

Harry Jose (Engineer):

I loved the sequence of this book. After reading the title of this book, I thought that it was another manuscript that questioned the solar system and the universe without any scientific reasoning; but I was stunned to witness the remarkable reasoning and logic provided in this book.
I only wish I had Mr. Lewis Fofanah as my Physics teacher before I abandoned science at school; my life would have been completely different.
The more I went into the detail of “The solar system as we know it does not exist,” the more I got interested in the interweaved issues of the entire universe. The opening chapters of this book take some effort to follow, but the more you read it, the more you get affiliated with its content. A must-read!
My granddaughter loves to read astronomy books. Therefore, on her last birthday, I decided to gift her a book of her choice, and somehow, I came across this book. First, the title of this book flabbergasted me later when I read its first few chapters; I was amazed. It is really well-written! “The solar system as we know it does not exist” unfolds the triggering concepts, which have not been considered at a concentrated level. Therefore, the moment I saw this book, I decided to buy it the very next second. My granddaughter and I give this book a 5-star rating!

Sophia Mia

Becky Joseph (Financial Manager):

This book is spectacular!! I completed this book within a week; that’s too late because I had a busy schedule. Otherwise, I would have completed it in a day or two. Yes!! I am saying it right. “The solar system as we know it does not exist” is quite accessible to the average person who would like to know more about space and is practical enough to agree to disagree. I agree that this book’s title hides a mystery, but once you get along with it, it opens a gateway to a newer world, which we have not even thought of considering.
First of all, I would like to praise Lewis Fofanah for this amazing piece of art. He has done his homework incredibly!
The book “The solar system as we know it does not exist” is extensive and well supported by research and evidence, which can make a difference up to a great extent. The most prominent contribution in this book is the comparison of Biblical references and our modern physicists’ claims. The space industry needs more authors like Fofanah, who cannot only stay vocal for the unknown but also possess the capacity to challenge the concepts; we have been told about over the decades. His book is proof that astrophysicists only tried to make a fool of us by feeding our minds with the wrong information about the earth and outer space.
Even he has questioned the world-famous Newton’s laws that I loved the most!

Rachel Amy (Strategist):

Ray Dixit

This book unwrapped a whole new world of prospects that I never knew about. “The solar system as we know it does not exist” is a masterpiece that requires massive reach. We must train our minds to think out of the box. I am not saying that whatever Lewis Fofanah has said is the ultimate truth, but the way he has demonstrated every concept is worth praising.
I was always fascinated with outer space, and finally, when I got to read “The solar system as we know it does not exist,” I was overwhelmed with details of every single chapter described in this book.
In the future, this book will make wonders; I mean, who would not be interested in the big questions of the universe? Please buy this book if you are at all interested in the mystery of this universe and want to support Mr. Fofanah – definitely, a must-read!

Lisa Carl

Donna Emily (Baker):

Woah! What a fantastic book!!!
I always doubted the entire solar system and the universe around it, but every single time I was afraid to say something against it because people might have made fun of me. I am so happy that Lewis Fofanah has come up with something completely different and out of this world because the book “The solar system as we know it does not exist” is an eye-opener for all of us that how our great scientists and famous physicists have fooled us.
It motivates people like me to be stubborn and look for answers I once had in my childhood while looking at the color of the sun or considering the shape of the earth. I am not an astronaut, nor am I connected to this field by any means, but I want to appreciate the contribution of this great book, which will definitely put a dent in history, one day or another.
What an incredible book about the cosmos; I highly recommend it!
A Five-stars rating is not enough for praising this book. As an amateur stargazer, this book explains an awful lot of stuff to me. It is packed with information that is not easily found or said.
“The solar system as we know it does not exist” is a book that needs the utmost recognition, so does its author. He has challenged the dark concepts of space and hence provided scientific reasoning against them. I loved it completely!
Also, I would love to read the next volume of this book, or at least other books on space, by the phenomenal author Lewis Fofanah.

Roger Sean (Architect)